NASSH Presentation Guidelines


*(“presenter” refers to authors and all co-authors as well as members of panels/roundtables)

  • Presenters may not be on the program more than two times as a presenter.  Moderating a session does not count as a presentation.  Commentating does count and only complete sessions which include commentators will have commentators.
  •  Submission of an abstract indicates the author’s and co- authors’ intent to register for the conference at the appropriate conference fee in the appropriate format (e.g., in-person, remote). 
  •  Individuals whose papers are accepted by the Program Committee as in-person presentations must agree to present the paper in person and to attend and participate in other conference sessions.
  •  Individuals whose papers are accepted by the Program Committee as a virtual presentation must agree to provide a recorded presentation by the deadline (May 1, 2024). Presenters of virtual papers agree to appear live for the question-and-answer period following their session.
  • All authors must be NASSH members in good standing (, and membership dues must be paid by April 15, 2024, for papers to be included on the final program.
  •  Each presenter must register for the conference.
  • NASSH members submitting abstracts for individual papers or as part of themed panels should be aware that the presentation of their work will be scheduled at the discretion of the Program Committee sometime between Saturday, May 25, and Monday, May 27 (inclusive). Specific scheduling requests will not be accepted.
  • NASSH encourages the inclusion of diverse perspectives and communities at its conference and in its work. Those submitting proposals for panels are advised to ensure that the constitution of the panel reflects, or comments upon, the constitution of the field and/or research topic that is being addressed.
  •  Except for supporting graduate students through the Roberta Park Fund, NASSH pays no honoraria or any other expenses for speakers to prepare papers or to attend the conference.
  • Papers are to be original works, not published or presented in full elsewhere.
  •  Individuals whose abstracts are accepted by the program committee must deliver the paper summarized by the abstract and not some other piece of work.
  • Presenters should not be the moderator of the session in which they present.
  • All abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in the annual NASSH Proceedings. Prior to the conference, accepted abstracts will be posted to the NASSH website using a Creative Commons CC-BY attribution license. Authors will have an opportunity to edit them prior to their publication in the Proceedings.
  •  Moderators will firmly enforce time limits for papers. Speakers should plan on no more than two minutes per page (calculated on the time it takes to read a double-spaced page in 12-point Times New Roman font consisting of 25 lines).
  • LCD projectors will be available. Please let the conference hosts know if speakers or other media are needed. They may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  • Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with recommendations on accessibility of presentations and multimedia-based materials. Please consult the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Initiative Guidelines on Presentation Accessibility:

Participation Modes

The Program Committee encourages NASSH members and others interested in the scholarly study of sport history to submit proposals and/or participate in one of the following categories:

Individual papers, with or without discussant (see below)

Proposals for individual 12-15-minute research presentations (both in-person and virtual), which the Program Committee will then group into appropriate sessions. NASSH members submitting abstracts will be asked whether they wish to be scheduled in a session that includes a discussant/commentator. The program committee will endeavor to accommodate all NASSH members who wish to their papers included in such a session. Requesting a session with a discussant indicates that NASSH members agree to submit their completed full paper to the discussant by the May 1, 2024, deadline.

Complete themed panels (3 papers + moderator and/or discussant)

NASSH members are encouraged to submit complete three-paper themed sessions. Such sessions are strongly encouraged to include a discussant/commentator and can include virtual participants. The Program Committee strongly encourages themed panels that explore diverse topics in sport history and whose composition reflects this diversity.

Themed sessions

NASSH members both interested in proposing a themed session and in publicizing this session to reach potential presenters are encouraged to share their proposed theme/topic and a 250-300-word abstract with the Program Committee chair, Russell Field ( by January 15, 2024. These details should be accompanied by the name and email address of the session organizer (to allow NASSH members to contact them directly). Session topics will be publicized through NASSH communication channels. The Program Committee takes no responsibility for ensuring that presenters are assigned to proposed topics. The session organizer is responsible for recruiting session participants and submitting complete session abstracts by the January 31, 2024, deadline. A proposed session will be reviewed by the Program Committee for acceptance/rejection in the same manner as other papers and themed sessions (see above).