NASSH2024 Guide to Using Conftool

Please note that the submission types have changed for 2023. Consult the 2023 Call for Papers for updated submission information.

Account Registration

Step 1, Browser: Open a browser window and enter the URL:

Step 2, Register New Account: To create a new ConfTool account, please click on “Register new” on the login page (see image below).

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Note: If you already hold a ConfTool account for this conference, do not create a second account for the same event in ConfTool. For example: 1) If you have already submitted a paper for 2021, please use the same account to register for conference participation, too; 2) you are a co-author on another submission, please use the same email address used for the original submission.

Step 3, Personal Information: Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk “*” which are required information for NASSH2023. All other fields are optional. 

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Step 4, Data  Privacy, Twitter, and Username & Password: Accept the data privacy agreement by checking the box, fill in your twitter handle if you use social media, and establish your username and password.

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  • The user name has to consist of at least 2 characters, is case-sensitive and must be unique, i.e., no other ConfTool user must already be registered with the same name.
  • The password has to consist of at least 5 characters, is case-sensitive and has to contain at least one Latin character (a-z) and one number (0-9).
  • The password must not be simplistic, for instance it must not be equal to your name. 

Select Create User Account to finalize account creation.

Step 5, Validate your email: Login to the email account you used when creating your conftool account and look for an email from NASSH 2023 Organizers. Select the validate link in the email to activate your account.

Once you have validated your email, you can then begin the abstract submission process.

Please note that you can login in at any time to the user information provided during account registration. The information provided here will be used later to register for the conference.

After having obtained a user account, you can log in with your username and password under “Registered Users”. If you have forgotten your password, a new one can be obtained through the “Forgotten your password?” link on the Conftool homepage.

Abstract Submission

Step 6, Submission: Select your submissions from the list of menu options on the Conftool homepage to bring up the list of different submission formats. Note: you may submit a maximum of two submissions for consideration including your 2023 submission.

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Step 7, Submission Types: Select the format of the submission you intend to present.

Note: if you have questions regarding submission formats, you can click the email address below the format type and it will automatically create an email directed to the appropriate member of the program committee.

Chairs and moderators should not be listed as AUTHORS in your contribution. Instead, you should list them in the remarks to the Program Committee in step 8. You must include their name and email address. They will be added to these roles once acceptances have been sent.

Step 8: Submission Authors:

First, you will fill in the details on all authors on the submission. You should provide their first name, last name, and email address. You can also, if available, include their ORCID id number.

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It is required that all listed authors be selected as “Presenting Author”. Additionally, for each author you must identify an organization/university. The line number of the organization is then copied to the author Index number so that each author correlates to their correct institution. Authors from the same institution should use the same index number. You can proof this information in the Preview List of Authors.

Step 9: Submission Title, Abstract, Keywords, and Copyright:

After you have listed all authors and institutions, you can then provide the title of your submission, a maximum 300 word abstract, and up to 5 keywords that can signal the content of your contribution.

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Students should check the “student contribution” box to ensure that they are eligible for student specific consideration.

The copyright form is designed to allow us to share you submissions with reviewers and NASSH conference attendees. You are required to accept the terms of this copyright to submit to the conference.

Note: the Remark/Message from the Authors option should be used to signal any technical needs or other issues associated with your submission.

Once you have completed this information, click PROCEED to finalize your submission.

Step 10, Finalize your Submission:

To finalize your submission, review all content and click COMPLETE SUBMISSION.

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Note: you can click return to step 1 to revise/edit your submission prior to completion. Additionally, you are able to revise/edit your submission at any time prior to the conference deadline of 15 January 2022 by selecting Your Submissions from the main menu.

A confirmation of completed submission will be sent to the email you registered with.

You will repeat steps 6-10 to submit another contribution. You are limited to 2 submissions for NASSH2023.

Questions regarding how to use Conftool can be directed to